Welcome to The Black Wardrobe, your place for dark glamour.
A contemporary jewellery & accessories brand that draws inspiration from the mystery and romanticism of bygone eras, specially from 19th century Gothic Victoriana, 1930s-40s Film Noir, and Art-Deco/Art Nouveau eras.
Originally established in 2008 as a handmade clothing business for the modern femme fatale, this little business has slowly evolved to be the jewellery brand you see today.
This is a very small independent brand, created and run by me, a Spanish fashion designer who's been based in England since the early 2000s.
Every single piece is carefully handmade to order so feel free to contact me if you require any special customisations/amounts. If I can acommodate your request, I'll be happy to assist!

You will absolutely love every little dark piece if your taste tends towards Gothic, Steampunk or Victoriana. There are designs for both her and him!

I hope you like it as much as I do.
Any issues/questions, feel free to get in touch!

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