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Stainless steel (sometimes known as surgical steel) it has grown in popularity in the last few years due to the rising cost of traditional jewellery metals such as silver.

Originally invented for weaponry in the 1st World War, it's been mainly used for cutlery, cookware, appliances and kitchen fixtures. It's also been used for parts within the automotive and aerospace industries and in some construction applications.

stainless steel gothic creepy skull cutlery

Stainless steel has quickly become a great alternative to silver jewellery because it has the same beautiful shine and high-polished finish that silver offers (that is if it's been kept in good condition!). It has a high corrosion and heat resistance (up to 1200Celsius/2192Farenheit)*.

Stainless steel is much much cheaper than silver and other metal alloys. It's a very strong metal so pieces of jewellery made of this material are of a nice middle-weight, they won't scratch as easily as silver does and they are usually quite thick thus they won't snap as some commonly used metal alloys might do.  

Halloween Gothic mens silver rings from theblackwardrobe.com

The fact that won't rust or discolour makes it extremely low maintenance and very convenient for everyday wear but the star feature of this metal is the fact that it is hypoallergenic. People who would generally buy noble metal jewellery purely to avoid allergic reactions to cheaper metal alloys can just switch to stainless steel and take advantage of its affordable price! They can wear silver looking jewellery that will last for years, which can be as stylish and unique as traditional silver jewellery and won't need an extensive after-care as silver does.

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