Wether you've decided to go trick-or-treating or not, Halloween is always an inspiring time of the year to bring out your inner ghoul.

There's a ton of (amazing) inspiration out there to create whatever outfit your imagination allows. However they usually require a generous budget (and time) for sewing materials or find that not-so-tacky costume you may require AND/OR an insane amount of skill to execute the most elaborate of make-ups.

If you neither have the budget, the time or the skill of a make-up artist worthy of a horror Hammer film, here are some Gothic costume ideas that would be ideal for couples and even the kids too!


An old classic and also one of the simplest. This is a very elegant and subdued look where you need very little else beyond FANGS in order to achieve it.

    For a start, you will need a smart TAILORED SUIT to evoque that aristocratic flair (make sure to add a tie or silk-scarf around your neck).
      A PALE FACE, achieved by applying a generous amount of make-up or white powder to both face and neck! Add black eyeshadow to draw attention to the cheekbones and eyes. Pale contact lenses (as shown here on him) will help to intensify the dramatic effect.

        And finally, RED LIPSTICK will work to give that illustion of a "bloody mouth" (a pink flesh-like shade, as pictured on him here, would still achieve the same effect in a amore understated way).


          Far less refined than the Vampire look, this costume is defined by its iconic green hair. Easy to achieve with a wig or you can use temporary hair-dyes/coloured sprays available in the stores.

          A WHITE FACE with smeared make-up is the 2nd most iconic feature of this look. Start with white powder and then apply black eyeshadow and bright-red lipstick.

          And finally, GREEN-and-PURPLE CLOTHING will add the final touch to this look.


          I would highly suspect that no other set of characters embody more Halloween (or Gothic glamour - as most people seem to carelessly interchange the meaning of both terms) than the Addams couple.

          Originally a newspaper comic strip, the dark allure of these characters seems to have survived the decades. Their aesthetic is so easy to replicate and yet so instantly recognizable.

          FOR HIM:

          the look starts with an elegant, vintage style double-breasted suit with a bow tie. Originally pinstsriped, this could also work with a solid-coloured suit. The key here is to mimic that Vintage 1930s look, emphasizing its sleekness with wet-look hair and a skinny moustache.

          FOR HER:

          a sexy and fitted black maxidress that embodies the sex appeal of a noiresque femme fatale. Sleek long raven black hair and vampy black eyeshadow with red lips finish off this darkly sleek and sophisticated look.


          A beautiful love story set in a very unconventional dark backdrop. This dark couple, originally created by Tim Burton, are a great Halloween costume couple idea and despite its looks, very easy to replicate.

          FOR HIM:

          Make up takes center-stage here. Big smokey eys to mimic the hollow eyes of the original character and a skull-like mouth that could easily be drawn up with black eye-pencil. Althought the suit was originally pinstriped, this costume could also work with a plain black suit.

          FOR HER:

          Blue make-up and "stitches" that could easily be drawn-up with black eye-pencil will easily conjure the rag-doll look. Add a red wig (or temporary hair-dye) and a patchwork dress to complete the look.