If you're committed to helping the environment, save money and keep clutter at bay, you should heavily consider investing in a reusable cotton tote-bag that is foldable.

They are a stylish alternative that's better for the environment than single-use bags, and because they're stronger than plastic and reusable, it makes them convenient and good-value-for-money in the long run.

Scroll down to see the main 5 great uses for your foldable cotton bag!


1-SHOPPING – reduce your plastic consumption and save money! When not buying plastic carrier bags.


If you don't know what to do with all the many plastic/paper bags you end up with after going shopping for clothes or other little luxuries, consider getting a foldable cotton tote. Not only you'll save yourself and the businesses money, it will make your life easier if you need to seek an exchange/refund from the shops afterwards.

If you have the habit of storing the receipts in the bottom of your bags, reduce your chances to lose them by storing them in the reusable tote instead of accidentally throwing them away with those paper/plastic bags.

foldable cotton canvas tote bag with ties

Our totes come with ribbons so you can easily fold them and store them neatly in your bag.


2-FOOD SHOPPING - That quick food shopping you do on your way home.


There's always something you end up short of (or you've forgotten to get in you last big shopping trip). In my case, it's milk!, it's something I need to top up every few days.... If I need to go the local shop, I'll just grab the totebag, purse and keys and quickly pop out to get it. However, if you are out and about, or in work, it's handy to have that totebag already in your handbag, so you can take it out and use it for that little food shopping, fold it when you get home and put it back in your handbag to be used again.


3-BOOKS – and laptop! For your studies or work.

 Reusable shopping bag - black cotton canvas

If you're studying or have work-related paperwork to carry with you, totebags are a great option for this and big enough to carry your laptop too! (although I'd recommend you get a padded pouch to add extra protection so you don't accidentally smash the screen).


4-FOR YOUR SNACKS - For work or when you're out and about on a hot day.

summer goth black cotton foldable tote bag 

It's always a good idea to carry your food separately from your handbag. I would recommend a purposely-made lunch-bag for your wet/leaky wet food.

However for your dry food, sandwiches and other non-greasy options, a cotton totebag is a great accessory to have and once you're done, you can fold it in the bag so you don't forget it next time you need it.


5-FOR YOUR HOLIDAYS – to carry your drinks and holiday shopping.


In the hot summer days it's imperative to stay hydrated to avoid headaches or even worse, heatstrokes. Personally, I like to buy myself a large bottle of water (or iced tea) to carry with me whilst I'm out and about and the tote-bag offers the practical solution of carrying it around with me on my shoulder so I don't have to drink it all in one go. Not to mention, this has the bonus to save me money too.

summer goth black cotton totebag

It's also a practical thing to have in your handbag in case of an impromptu shopping spree (who doesn't buy new clothes when on holiday?). You can put everything in it and then pack your purchases in your suitcase when you get to your accommodation. Not only it will save you money by not buying shopping-bags, you save the planet from avoiding one-use packaging AND! Believe it or not, by not walking around with a multitude of shopping bags, it's a discreet way to hide you're a tourist and thus minimize your chances of being targeted by the local pickpockets and thieves.